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Office 365 Migration

Let’s build a roadmap of your Office 365 strategy to meet your business goals at a cost that fits your budget. We’ll also speed up adoption of your Office 365 investment with customized training and free access to end-user-speak e-content on all things Office 365.

Web & Mobile Apps

A web app or a mobile app? Or both? Let us help you understand the difference between the two and then we’ll partner with you to find the right solution for your organization. We can then take on the design, development, and delivery of your preferred solution.

Project Management

Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, or anything in-between–we’ve got it down. We’ve successfully delivered small, quick, low-budget projects for small businesses as well as multi-year, high-impact, multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies leveraging highly-capable teams.

What is Office 365 for Business?

Office365: A cloud-based productivity solution with the familiar, rich Office applications you already know and love.

Office 365 is about bringing enterprise-class services to your organization at a cost you can afford. As a cloud service, you know your services are always up to date from business-class email, online meetings, document storage and sharing, internal social networks, and much more.

Starting with business class email, you’ll get large mailboxes that can send messages up to 25MB in size that are built with Exchange email technology, the leading email solution for business worldwide. Your document storage comes with 1TB of space in the cloud to store, backup, easily share files, and co-author documents with your colleagues and see their changes in real time.

We’re happy to show you the full suite of Office 365 capabilities and walk you through the value proposition of each of these services.

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Skype connected millions of people worldwide. It’s time for Skype for Business to connect your office to the world.

Skype for Business (SfB) gives you professional collaboration and meetings–all integrated with Office 365. You’ll see the contact card of everyone inside and outside your Office 365 organization so you can quickly send them an IM or email, start a call, and convert your call to a full-blown video conferencing experience with the ability to conduct polls, whiteboard, and more. You can also schedule meetings and see IM history in Outlook, and start meetings from apps like Word and PowerPoint to present whatever you’re working on.

With your Office 365 subscription, we can set up your SfB service for enterprise voice. You’ll get secure dial-in numbers for your web conferences, voicemail transcription delivered to your email, and even integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to initiate one-click communications.

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Skype for Business: Make Amazing Things Happen

Two Trials, Double the Productivity

  • 30 days free trial
  • Office 365 E3 + Skype for Business Enterprise Voice
  • Up to 25 users

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not tied or limited with or as if with a tether




a restricting rope, chain, etc, by which an animal is tied to a particular spot


Office 365

cloud service

the best way to untether your workers and enable them to do great work

Do you own Office 365 for Dummies?

Jenn Reed Profile Pic

Jenn Reed Author, Office 365 for Dummies

We are pleased to announce that owners of the Microsoft® Office 365 for Dummies book co-authored by Reed Technology Services founder and president, Jennifer Reed, will be eligible for a free subscription to an exclusive online publication on all things Office 365.

The online publication will cover the latest updates to Office 365 services such as Delve, Sway, Videos, Yammer, Groups, and more. You’ll also find helpful tips and tricks, hacks, and step-by-step instructions to extend Office 365 capabilities.

Stay tuned for further announcements!

2020 Predictions

Experts predict that by 2020 most people will access software applications online and that cloud computing will become more dominant than the desktop. With cloud-based collaboration tools like Office 365, the masses will undoubtedly transition from their desktop applications to web-based applications sooner rather than later.

So where do you fit in this new paradigm shift? What is your role in your company’s journey to the cloud? The good news is this: there’s room for you and we can help you discover and define the great role you play in this game-changing technology.